IMG-20170306-WA0000So, there is something very exciting that I have been working on. As a knowledgeable and qualified (learn more about by qualifications here: About) sport, health and lifestyle specialist, I have decided to put my expertise to good use. Meadow, a family friend of mine has been battling with a weight issue, for the majority of her life, and has finally come to the point where she has had enough. We have decided to tackle this issue together, with my help and guidance (with regards to diet and exercise) we hope to help Meadow loose the weight and reach her goals.

I will use this page to record Meadow’s progress, diary entries (I have asked Meadow to record her daily eating habits, exercise patterns and general emotions during the duration of her new lifestyle plan), and exercise programmes that I give to her.

I will also post easy, tried and tested recipes  and helpful tools that may help one to develop a healthy lifestyle, on my home page, soIMG-20170306-WA0001.jpg be sure to check that out regularly!!

Meadow and I look forward to sharing and experiencing this exciting, inspirational process with you, and look forward to your support!