All that glitters can be gold

"Putting myself out there" or "having all eyes on me" are concepts that I've struggled with for a long time, but that's all about to change! Having confidence in ALL aspects of our personal lives is so important! Learn about my struggles and reservations and what I'm doing to overcome them!


Exercise for dummies

In today's society, more than ever, people are taking a large interest in health and fitness. More and more people are attending exercise classes and gyms but, are they actually knowledgeable in the different forms of exercise and training, as well as the benefits that the different forms of training yield? I have seen it so many times- … Continue reading Exercise for dummies

No more excuses!

We have all heard, or even made the excuse "I'm too tired today, I'll start exercising tomorrow", or "That box of cookies looks so good... no point eating healthily today, in the middle of the week, I'll start eating healthier foods on Monday." We see all those fitness enthusiasts on Social Media, all hyped up and energized, gushing about how well … Continue reading No more excuses!